Summer Meeting 17th July, 2013

RECIPE FOR A LITERARY COCKTAIL Ingredients •    1 dram of drama, with ‘legal’ spices•    2 slices of social history, marinated for hundreds of years•    1 dash of crime novel, with a salty taste•    1 splash of flash fiction, with a twist in the tale•    3 portions of short story, flavoured with poignancy, humour and nostalgia•    1 shot of terror with the treat of the guillotine •    1 sprig of...

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Summer Meeting – 3rd July, 2013

This morning I woke up laughing; I’d been dreaming about Maggie’s false teeth. Intrigued? No more than we were. Last night’s readaround was a feast of literary fayre, with almost all the party of thirteen bringing something tasty to the table.     The first challenge, of course, was making our way to the venue, a significant quest even for the most seasoned of orienteerers. Yet it is a fitting...

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