Poetry workshop February 5th 2014

Any aspiring poet should have been here for our poetry workshop with Alison Craig. One of our own, a successful and published poet, Alison opened the workshop by reading two short poems: Wild Oats by Norman McCaig and Handbag by Ruth Fainlight. This set the tone for the evening, the former humorous, with lustful pirouetting pigeons creating a vivid image of an everyday scene, the latter a...

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Speaker – Ron Butlin

Ron  Butlin gave us  such an enjoyable evening  –  as well as information  and advice about writing poetry, novels and short stories, plays and libretti. What versatility!  Perhaps the result of an adaptibility to jobs as varied as barnacle busting, modelling and serving as a footman. Going with the flow was part of his writing technique, too, as he suggested we do not think till well on...

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Feedback – Writing for the Under 7s

For Bunny is ready, ready for bed. so Ted tucks him in and a story is read. Mike Jolley (Big Ted’s Tired) Welcome to the glorious world of children’s writing. In no other genre is an awakening of the senses so vital. This was no ordinary feedback night. Following on from our speaker and Maggie’s workshop, expectations were high. Children’s stories can rely heavily on visual effects. Voilà – a...

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