Pat’s Readaround 27th July, 2014

On 24 July a small group of writers spent a very productive read-around evening at Pat’s house. In the garden Pat plied us with soft drinks and fruit, which both cooled us down and encouraged us to read out our pieces. The genres were varied; one very humorous article caused gales of laughter, while the short stories and novel extracts were treated with the attention they deserved. Everyone gave...

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Rhona’s Readaround 2nd July, 2014

”One Xmas my son signed his Christmas cards ‘From Christ’.” After we got the email confirming the expedition was on, the precision planning for this intrepid excursion swung into action. Had anyone visited this dark territory before? After much rumination the conclusion was ‘not in this millennium anyway’ so nothing had to be left to chance. We didn’t...

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