Summer Readaround Blog Thursday 18th June 2015

‘Are we ready then?’ Fiona welcomes us to a quiet hush; we sit with our papers rustling to well- thumbed anticipation. ‘So, what about a timer, then, say three minutes a-piece? Ping,’ she illustrates with a silent finger click. We respond, unhelpfully, with blank stares and so the notion slips away like fine sand through a narrow-waisted glass. We learn a great deal this evening, of...

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First Summer Readaround

Barely has the diary page turned on May’s Awards Dinner than the Summer Readarounds have started. And what a start! Nearly a quarter of the membership were present at Pat’s house to hear an amazing variety of pieces: we laughed – all of us; we cried – some of us; and we were put well out of our comfort zone, but above of all we had most enjoyable evening. It wouldn’t be true...

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