The Drongan Dramas – A Readaround Special

In the comfort of Richard and Irene’s living room with balalaikas on the wall and woven Thai silk table mats around, an unusually male dominated group met for last night’s readings and vigorous creative discussions. In a varied programme, Nigel delved into the back story of one of his characters; Martin and John continued their novels; James, Richard and Irene presented short...

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I Survived! – Carrie’s experience at the Summer Readaround, 6 July

I survived. The first two words I threw at my gran on my arrival back from my second ever writers’ club Summer Readaround. This was the third meeting, but only the first time I had ever read anything I had written out to anyone who wasn’t related to me and therefore had a legal obligation to tell me what I had written was good. This Readaround had eight attendees and was hosted by Maggie...

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