Theresa Talbot and the storytelling genes – 19 October

A real livewire entertained the club last Wednesday night in the shape of Theresa Talbot. Well, what do you expect from someone whose dad told her bedtime stories about the clicking of the death-watch beetle in their walls and how he’d repaired Santa’s sled when it broke down on the roof of their tenement? And as for her Mum, she took telling stories i.e. lying, to new heights. So I...

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John Hudson: a force of nature – 5 October

Today is World Poetry Day. What better day to be recalling yesterday evening spent in the presence of John Hudson, a force of nature in the world of poetry. With an eye-watering list of diverse credentials to his name, I began to realise that we were about to experience a poet with a unique capacity for creative invention: I was not wrong. We were whisked along on his breathless, enthusiastic...

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