Critiquing and Chocolate Cake Eating – 15 November 2017

On Wednesday night, Ayr Writers had the opportunity to receive feedback on pieces of writing that they’re working on. These varied, from fiction to articles, scripts to poems, and we were split into groups of four to read and critique anonymous pieces of work. Lively discussion ensued and after the tea break, it was time to feed back. Each group had three or four pieces each, so one at a time we...

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Short story workshop with Ann Burnett – 8 November 2017

On Wednesday we were treated to a talk about short stories by Ann Burnett, one of the Club members. Ann began by saying that all authors need to warm up before they start writing. Ann got the group to write about themselves for five minutes, but that what we were writing was going to be a pack of lies. This idea would have the basis of a short story with characters, plot and action. Of some two...

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Passion, a Twix and Cereal Boxes: writing non-fiction with Gill Hoffs – 1 November 2017

As a writer, I’m a bit of an over-thinker, a bit OCD, a bit careful. Maybe I’m alone in this. But I suspect (and hope!) I am not. So, what a veritable breath of fresh air was Gill Hoffs, speaker on writing non-fiction at our meeting of Wednesday 1 November. Gill brought energy, passion, wisdom, honesty and… er… torn up cereal boxes … to a talk that inspired and encouraged writing about what...

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