Such talent from Ayr Writers – 11 April 2018

We had a good turnout for our read-a-round evening on 11 April, with four groups enthusiastically discussing the pieces submitted for scrutiny. For those of you who don’t know what these evenings consist of, the instructions tell us to bring along four copies of a piece of prose or poetry no longer than 1,000 words. The pieces are anonymous and usually each group of reviewers does not read their...

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Oh What a Night: AWC Really SAW Success – 28 March 2018

Once again the members of Ayr Writers’ Club who entered work in the Scottish Association of Writers competitions did the club proud, amassing no less than a dozen accolades. A success night was held on 28 March to showcase their winning pieces. First up was Greta Yorke who won 1st place with her children’s self published book Tartan Witch, a delightful and practical tale of finding a way to...

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Children’s Fiction, with Maggie Bolton – 4 April 2018

One of the possibly more difficult aspects of writing for most people is how to pitch it at a level that 11-18 year olds relate to. In an attempt to demistify and explain how it might be done, Maggie Bolton took the stage on the topic of “Children’s Fiction”. Maggie, who has had a number of books published, took the meeting through the nuts and bolts of writing for that particular genre....

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