Glad rags, gongs and gavels: Annual Awards Dinner – 9 May 2018

While the Oscars, the BAFTAs and even the Nobel Prize for Literature might be mired in controversy, the club’s Annual Awards Dinner for 2018 stood proud and unblemished. A groaning table of trophies The Savoy Park Hotel fed a clutch of local writers all hungry to share and celebrate their successes. With certificates a-plenty awarded to those whose writing merited commendations, third and...

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An AGM? Res ipsa loquitor – 2 May 2018

How do you assess the health of a club that has been running for nearly 50 years? Our club’s Annual General Meeting last week may have provided a few indicators. In the first instance, approaching thirty members turned out for a gathering that could hardly claim to be the most alluring of our weekly meetings. There was still however the usual buzz and exchange of stories that precedes most...

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