On a wet summer evening … Readaround – 13 June 2018

The rain rattling down on Maggie’s conservatory roof belied the description of the evening being part of a “Summer Readaround.” On the other hand, the range and quality of contributions more than made up for the lack of sunshine: words and creativity shone through. A scene from the latest instalment of Martin’s Mauchline crime novel was set in Crosshouse Hospital, culminating in the chilling...

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Full House at Pat’s Pad – 30 May 2018

Q: How many writers does it take to fill Pat’s living room? A: A whopping sixteen – including our generous host herself. Actually, we were extremely fortunate the first AWC summer Readaround of 2018 didn’t take place on Pat’s sun-drenched driveway, thanks to a delayed French flight. But our intrepid host made it to her ain pairty by the skin of her teeth, tanking home from the airport to find...

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