Ayr Writers’ Club Join Raconteurs In The Bachelors’ Club

By Tracy Harvey   As we approach Burns Night, orators and raconteurs the length and breadth of Scotland will be narrating the tale of Tam O Shanter, addressing that great chieftain o the puddin race, the haggis, and praying along with that auld hypocrite, Holy Willie. For spoken word has long been the tradition of Scotland, going back to the days where most folk had never been taught to...

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Beating Writer’s Block

By Fiona McFadzean   As a long-time member of Ayr Writers’ Club, it was a shock to my system when circumstances meant that I was unable to attend the weekly meetings. I could still be an online member of the club, keeping in contact via the e-mail Google group. It just wasn’t the same and I soon developed Writers’ Block, that affliction dreaded by all writers. Ideas wouldn’t develop,...

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