Feedback on a controversial comma – 10 April 2019

‘I don’t think I’m up to it. I can’t write.’ That’s what I should have said. That would have been a good thing for me to say, all true and straightforward, like I’m supposed to be. But, you know how some people are really good at thinking fast and talking good and getting things to go their way and some people, well, just aren’t – I’m one of them, the some-people who just aren’t. I...

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Basking in reflected glory: SAW Success Night – 27 March 2019

It’s not often that you sit in a room surrounded by so many award winners, knowing that you are all part of the same group. BAFTAs or Oscars, Emmys or Brits, Bookers, Costas, Carnegies or Greenaways? No, none of the above. The night, minus red carpets and posh frocks was about Ayr Writers’ Club and the Scottish Association of Writers awards. Ten of our number came away from the annual conference...

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The Night We Bagged Magic: writing for young children with Elizabeth MacKay – 3 April 2019

There was no escaping magic, when Elizabeth MacKay took centre stage for Young Children’s Fiction. The writer from Dalry in Ayrshire, has achieved success with approximately 300 published stories and articles. A warm welcome was expertly provided by Linda Brown, Joint President, describing Betty as an acclaimed children’s author of three books; Wee Granny’s Magic Bag, published 2011; Wee Granny...

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