A Creative Readaround Mix – 12 July 2017

What do you get if you combine one wedding, two romances, two crimes, a B&B, a mermaid, a sprite, a haggis and bangles?

Another fascinating evening at an AWC Summer Readaround.

The following blog suffers from a severe case of poor memory and no notes!

Relaxing in the comfort of Sheila’s warm Kilmarnock welcome, Jennifer kicked off with an intriguing tale of crime in which the criminal had the tables turned on him, while Linda shared part of an article about true crime which, we believed, had great potential for a longer piece.

Next we discovered that Ann had been raking through her drawers and had discovered her long-forgotten romantic novel set in Scotland into which she’s breathing new life, and we proved useful listeners on whom to test the clarity of her synopsis.

Then it was time for Haggis. No, AWC members have not forsaken their sweet tooths; this was another instalment of Maggie’s children’s shaggy dog story – not sure if Haggis is actually shaggy! This clever little mutt’s adventures are sure to appeal to children and we certainly gave it a ‘woof’ of approval.

With blogging such a universally-accepted form of communication these days, why shouldn’t a mermaid do it too? Such was the subject matter of Kirsty’s short, quirky piece which generated gales of laughter and proved how much can be achieved in just one lunchbreak!

Susan continued the trend for fantasy with a captivating extract from a children’s book in which the main character sets off on a journey to save himself with the aid of a very glamorous helper but don’t be fooled, the journey involves life lessons too.

I contributed a poem and a rough draft of a piece based on the recently-lived experience of my daughter’s visit to a challenging B&B. As ever, advice and suggestions for how I might lift its saggy end were gladly welcomed.

The pitfalls and harsh realities of being invited to a wedding were under Pearl’s witty and humorous scrutiny next, and had us snorting and hooting, in recognition and appreciation.

Finally, our gracious hostess shared the opening of another romantic novel set in WWW II Scotland reminding us of the rigour with which that generation of fathers, protected their daughters’ honour, much to their daughters’ chagrin. As usual the evening was well-sprinkled with food and fun, and so it was with reluctance that we set off for home in the warmth of the sinking sun.

Another great Readaround – thanks Sheila.


Carolyn O’Hara


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