Awards Dinner – 15th May 2013

What fun we had!

As the 2012/13 session drew to a close, the friendly and fun loving fraternity that is Ayr Writers’ Club placed their pens to the side for one evening and seized instead those other, time honoured tools of contentment; cutlery. In a flurry of ticket-purchasing excitement, members, their family and friends took their seats; each corner of the room as joy filled and welcoming as the next. The food was good and refreshments flowed freely, too, but the good humour and camaraderie that washed around the room was surely fuelled more by laughter than libation.

Plates cleared and appetites satiated, we turned our attentions to the recognition and appreciation of just some of the many efforts offered up this year on the altar of competitive scrutiny. But as, one by one, the deserved winners took possession of their plaques, plates and certificates, I’m sure we were all gratefully aware of the efforts of all those amongst us who have taken part. Without such an abundance of creative willingness, there could be no winners, moreover it’s always worth remembering that winning is a transitory experience.

The ceremony itself was delightful, graciously hosted by Libby, the daughter of Dorrith, a much loved and respected long time member of the club. Fittingly, the final trophy awarded last night for the first time is in Dorrith’s name and will be awarded annually to the most published author of the year; a touching and eternal tribute to an iconic member of our club. Libby’s delightful tale of her mother’s dismay at an apparent IT failure, caused by a serious case of mistaken identity (glasses case masquerading as mouse), had us laughing our way to the final event of the evening – the raffle.

Everyone was a winner as a continuous stream of lucky number holders selected the prize of their choice from the impressive array on offer. There could, however, only be one winner of the fabulous painting, created and contributed by Ken and Carolyn, and we watched in envy as Linda made her difficult selection from the two beautiful pieces on offer.

And so the evening came to a close. But just before everyone stretched tired arms into cosy coats and gathered together their various spoils, one final duty fell upon our departing presidents, Ann and Sheila. Their untiring and enthusiastic work for the club and all its members over the past two years was applauded before, in one swift beat of the gavel and a few more of several hearts, the considerable, but privileged, responsibility for steering the club on a steady course over the next year was passed to Wilma and Dorothy. Here’s hoping for calm seas and clement weather.

A happy and peaceful summer to all,

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