Children’s Picture Book Layout

Scissors for the String


1. Mr Winterbottom with bales of straw tied with twine. Tiger asleep nearby.

Mr Winterbottom, the Safari Park keeper was putting out fresh straw for the animals.
‘Tiger,’ he said, ‘tell Bill I want a pair of scissors to cut the string.’

2. Tiger, just woken up, looking confused. Monkey high up in tree.

Tiger was enjoying a snooze.
‘Uh – er – right away,’ he yawned. What was it Mr Winterbottom wanted?
‘Monkey!’ Tiger roared. ‘Tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants a pair of knickers to go for a swing.’

3. Monkey peering down at Tiger.

Tiger yawned and went back to sleep. Monkey chattered high up in the trees. ‘What did you say, Tiger?’
Tiger snored softly and didn’t answer.

4. Monkey swinging in tree above Elephant hosing himself in lake.

Monkey swung through the trees.
‘Elephant!’ he called. ‘Tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants to wear sneakers and go for a swim.’
Monkey leapt on to a branch and disappeared into the treetops.

5. Elephant looking annoyed at disappearing Monkey.

‘Come back Monkey!’ trumpeted Elephant, shaking the water from his ears. But Monkey was gone.
‘Humph!’ said Elephant. ‘Giraffe!’

6. Giraffe daydreaming with cross Elephant below and snakes in background looking pleased.

Giraffe was daydreaming again. She chewed some leaves and thought great thoughts.
‘Giraffe!’ hollered Elephant. ‘Tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants the snakes to go hissing.’

7. Giraffe at pool bending down to bubbles of hippo underwater.

‘Hmm?’ said Giraffe. ‘Oh very well.’
She sauntered over to the pool.
‘Hippo,’ she said, ‘tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants your bike to go fishing.’

8. Hippo emerging at feet of Giraffe.

‘What was that?’ asked Hippo. ‘Hey, you up there!’
But Giraffe was up in the clouds again.

9. Hippo talking to Lion who is busy stalking the zebras in the next enclosure. A Penguin looks surprised.

Hippo swam over to Lion.
‘Lion,’ he gurgled, ‘tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants some books for the penguins.’
‘Shh!’ whispered Lion. ‘I’m busy.’

10. Lion, still with eye on zebras, talking out of side of mouth to Ostrich with its head in the sand. Sleepy buzzard on tree opens one eye.

Lion crept over to Ostrich.
‘Ostrich,’ he growled, ‘tell Bill Mr Winterbottom wants a buzzard for ten pence.’
Ostrich had her head in the sand. By the time she had pulled it out, Lion had slunk away.

11. Ostrich giving message to Bill, a youth wearing a personal stereo. Rear end of lizard disappearing under stone.

‘I wonder what Mr Winterbottom will think of next,’ she tutted as she strutted over to Bill.
‘Bill,’ she said, ‘Mr Winterbottom wants the lizards for testing.’
Bill spun on his heels and snapped his fingers.
‘Yeah!’ he sang. ‘Sure thing.’

12. Bill dancing past animals.

Bill danced his way through the Park, past Ostrich and Lion, Hippo, Giraffe and Elephant, Monkey and Tiger.

13. Bill taking out scissors from pocket of jeans for Mr Winterbottom sitting on bale. Bewildered animals look on.

He danced over to Mr Winterbottom.
‘Here you are,’ he said. ‘The scissors for the string.’







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