Choices, choices, choices at a workshop: then you have a novel – 12 September 2018

Around 7.15pm on Wednesday night, on our way to the Writers’ Club, Janice and I drove along Barns Street hoping for a parking space. Being economists we prefer street parking. We spotted a slot and were about to reverse in to it when we were confronted by a blonde female in a white mini who assumed it was her space. Janice stood her ground and confidently continued with her plan much to the disgust of the wee blonde who scowled at us and gave us the V sign. We were victorious. We then headed for the Mercure Hotel where a large poster advertising Tina Turner Tribute Act was displayed in the entrance hall.


We all have our choices to make and we chose the Writers’ Cub where Susan McVey was about to strut her stuff and we knew she would be Simply the Best (get it?)

Susan is a member of the club and was our speaker for the evening. Her topic was writing a novel and she spoke knowledgeably as she personally has completed three. She stressed how important it was to set your scene with great detail and to plan your beginning, middle and end. Important also to describe your character, always stating things like hair colour, age, build and accent. Never choose a dull name use Nigel or Chris to grab the attention of the reader. We were reminded that although editing is time consuming and can be a pain it is also very important. Susan then gave us five minutes to set the scene for our novel.

It was then time for refreshments and a time to chat. We were all given a piece of paper with a number on it and if you were lucky your ticket would be plucked from the hat and you would win a goody bag. Thank you Susan, I got one and I am still drooling over the contents. After the break Susan asked volunteers to share their ideas. Her request was eagerly accepted by many of the members, one being Sheila Grant accompanied by her buddy. They performed her novel idea in the form of a sketch and as all good actresses do Sheila went off script which ended the evening on a happy note.

Now how do I end my blog? Beginning, middle and end reminds me of a Spike Milligan quote, “Life is like a novel it has a beginning, a middle and an end, when you finish your life if you are good you become an angel. With regards to your novel when you finish it and it is good you become a novelist.”

Jan Walker

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