Favourite Book Night. – 9 November

Ayr Writers’ Club certainly knows how to entertain its members and guests.   A good turnout and a good time was had, as literary epicures gathered to share their thoughts on inspiring reads while they trumped wider and wickeder events of the evening, (hope you don’t mind me borrowing your initial quip, John.)

An eclectic choice of work was brought to the table, belonging to authors from many eras and genres.   F. Scott Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh, Anne Donovan, Heinrich Harrer, C J Sansom, Bill Bryson, L M Montgomerie and Enid Blyton, to name but some, were examined, with Dickens cited as a mentor.  All aspects of these masters provided education encouragement and enjoyment.   

Areas examined were:

  • the construction of character
  • the description of environment and creating an atmosphere of the place and epoch depicted
  • allowing the reader to empathise and be transported there

Good and short sentence structure, snappy dialogue, humour and well researched books were popular among the club. 

A question was raised.  Does being a writer make for critical reading and nit-picking?  It was agreed that generally it did, but happily did not detract from the enjoyment – if anything, enhanced it.

Many thanks to John for leading and facilitating the session and to Michael for his assistance and experience as a prolifically published author, in drawing out opinions of chosen literature,  Thank you all who partook in an interesting, instructive and amusing evening.

Simon Kekewich

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