February Feedback Night by Yvonne Jack

A thrill of anticipation circled the groups who met at the Carlton this evening to share examples of work, whether in early form, more polished affairs or finalised pieces. Each contribution was carefully read and discussed and given written feedback. These peer discussions were often interspersed with laughter, exclamations of wonder or speculation as to the author’s intention or how the piece would end.
Ayr Writers’ Club Feedback nights give members the opportunity to read the creative writing of others; whether poem, short story, extract or article. Some are amusing or light-hearted, others provocative but all inspiring. The groups are encouraged to give constructive feedback: the highlights, what is appreciated, what might be improved or any other comments which may be of value to the writer.
Authors can gauge the success of their work and how an audience reacts; always a useful exercise particularly for those with less experience but also to test the water for those with success aplenty.
After a welcome cuppa to refresh the minds, feedback is shared and pieces can be identified (if the writer wishes). Some may be shared with the whole audience.
Although somewhat daunting for the newcomer, these evenings allow us all to share work, giving us the chance to learn from others with more experience. So next time, get that writing out of the drawer, dust it off and bring it along. It may be the first step to getting it published or winning a competition. All writers have to start somewhere.
Wednesday was a stimulating evening in a friendly, informal atmosphere. I look forward, as do many, to the next feedback night.

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