Feedback Evening 20th April 2016

To be or not to be, that is the question. Is it nobler to attend Ayr Writers’ Club for the weekly meeting or to attend to my two overgrown conifers ? I had spent the entire day in the garden cutting, pruning, clipping, lopping, not to forget preening. ‘The Spring sunshine brings the best out in everything,’ I commented to my gardening buddy, Tom the cat. A host of golden daffodils nodded in agreement. I looked at my watch, it was 6.30. The conifers can wait.
The journey from my home to Ayr is short and sweet ( just like myself) and as I approached Whitletts roundabout the beauty of the Sleeping Warrior on Arran caught my eye. Once again I am bewildered as to why our national bard Robert Burns made no comment on this landmark.
Arriving at the Mercure Hotel, I was delighted to find around 30 other devoted members waiting to be welcomed by Nigel , our president.
The evening took the shape of Feedback Evening which was a new experience for me, as is writing a blog. Nigel split us into groups where we discussed poems, short stories, articles and drama scripts which had been submitted anonymously by members. Did we like the piece, was it well written, how would we change it and why. What I found rather disconcerting was the fact that I could be commenting on a piece written by the person with whom I had been discussing it.
A 15minute break for coffee and biscuits supplied by Iza McVittie was appreciated by all. In the second half of the evening, the writers were revealed and an enthusiastic discussion took place. I found this to be an interesting meeting which included an announcement of the winners of the drama / scriptwriting competition judged by Marc Pye. There were smiles aplenty and applause in abundance and just a little Hubble Bubble. A perfect end to the evening.
Jan Walker

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