Fiction Workshop – 13th November 2013


Anyone who has or wants to write fiction no doubt found last night’s workshop insightful as it was led by our very own Janice Johnston with her natural warm and entertaining flare.  As we all know, character and location are both vital to any piece of fictional writing and to emphasise this we, in groups, were given three pictures – two people and one place – and we were given the opportunity as a group to create a story linking the three images together.  Janice’s writing achievements are many and as such her knowledge was welcome as I am sure that we all found the night to be of great use to every writer of any age and experience that attended – not to mention fun.

Although I have been writing for many years in and outside of the club, I still want to learn and wish to be educated more about my craft, which I have to say on a personal note, Janice achieved  in her workshop and if could describe last night in two words I say it was, “ uniquely inspiring”.

Kirsty Wyllie

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