From aliens to parrots: a Let’s Write Night – 6 March 2019

On Wednesday our joint presidents, Linda and Gill, hosted a sci-fi themed writing evening.  If, like me, the thought of writing anything sci-fi is daunting and alien, excuse the pun, then Wednesday’s workshop would have allayed your fears. With the prompts for setting the scene, creating characters and creating conflict the attending writers had free rein when, where and in what world they would set their story line. And so our trip into the near, distant and unknown future began.

          Of the seven groups of writers one chose a totally alien world while the remaining six focused on our world set in time spans ranging from fifteen to two hundred years in the future. The six based on the future of our planet reflected heavily on many of the concerns and problems the world is experiencing today. Global warming, over population, conflict and the need for cleaner energy sources had these worlds set in challenging and innovative times. The groups produced startling similarities in their stories: one might have thought one group was looking over the shoulder of the other. The seventh group wrote about a ‘New Utopia’ where everyone strives to be equal but like most worlds there is a conflict side that can destroy the dream.

          The talented on-the-spot workshop writers of AWC wrote of futures where our descendants have limitless clean energy, altered land masses, smaller populations and population control, no gender, live in harmony with the planet and each other, live in biospheres or in caves. We have robot helpers that carry out all tasks, are governed by global state control, cultivate underground gardens which grow sustainable crops. We are fitter, live longer can regenerate body parts, but cannot reproduce without permission, one dies: one born rule. We still continue to overcome virus attacks, natural disasters, cyber threats and global conflict. In essence the future pays for the mistakes of the past.

          The stimulating and thought provoking subject of what the future holds saw the evening pass quickly, many writers indicating that they might give the sci-fi genre a go: I wish you power to your pens and your imaginations.

This writing evening sets us up for the Suzy Kelly myth and magic workshop at the Mercure 7.30 Wednesday 13 March. Many thanks to Linda and Gill for putting together the let’s write evening.

Kathy Wallace

Also thanks to ROI, Aura, Eva and Ned the parrot for contributing to the evening’s success.

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  1. Suzie Turner

    Just a wee correction for an otherwise great blog. The parrot was Ned, because he was one! That was an evening well captured Kathy.

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