Glad-rags, gongs … and a spoon: Annual Awards Dinner – 8 May 2019

Someone might have already Instagram’d the food. The Twittersphere might have been awash with the chat, the craik and the comedy moments on the night. But the only place you’ll see the smiling faces, proud gurning grimaces and congratulatory handshakes is here.

So, letting the pictures tell the story, here’s when the trophies were handed over, by either Gill or Linda, and started their journey to the next mantlepiece.

The groaning trophy table – what all that scribbling has been about.
Chris Palmer receives the Bioforce / A Vogel Trophy for his winning book review.
From one President to another – Gill Sherry accepts the Leigh Trophy for Flash Fiction.
Kirsty Hammond receives the club’s Novel Writing award.
Chris Palmer appears again as his Non-fiction Article winns the Elsie Miller Trophy.
The Burns Shield / Jenny Cadas Trophy is awarded for Poetry to Greta Yorke.
It’s those two again – this time Gill presents Linda Brown with the Ayrshire Chamber Trophy for drama.
One of Sheila Grant’s classic Scottish Articles wins her the J R & C H Mair Quaich.
This is getting to be a habit – the Ellie Hamilton Trophy is awarded to Linda Brown for her General Short Story.
Were these two the only ones there? Linda Brown was on a roll with her short stories as she wins the Women’s Short Story Trophy.

Absent for the evening was Maggie Bolton who would have been presented with the Scotland’s Artists Trophy for Children’s Fiction.

Winning lots of rounds of appluase for trophies and certificates, it was no surprise that Chris Palmer won the Ishbel Robertson Trophy for the overall copmpetition winner in the club.
Carey McCabe hits the Big Apple – actually it’s a glass one and is the Archie Quigley Trphy for the most successful Novice writer.
The final trophy of the night was presented to Suzy Kelly as the club’s most published writer during the preceding year.
Squeeze in on the right, don’t hide at the back – yes, it’s time for the team photograph of the award winners.
And the evening ended with the formality of handing over the club’s gavel to the next President – or in this case, Joint Presidents. Only there were a couple of things missing: the other half of the Presidency team and the gavel. Graeme StClair had already given his apologies from France, so Chris took the burden on his own. But the gavel hadn’t been able to make the journey to the big metropolis – so a spoon stood in and did a very good job.

And so ended a full and varied 2018-19 programme for Ayr Writers’ Club. The Summer Readarounds will keep us keen and creative while the sun tempts us out to the garden or the beach. The programme for 2019-20 will be launched in the coming weeks so, keep reading the blog.

Nigel Ward

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