I Survived! – Carrie’s experience at the Summer Readaround, 6 July

I survived.

The first two words I threw at my gran on my arrival back from my second ever writers’ club Summer Readaround.

This was the third meeting, but only the first time I had ever read anything I had written out to anyone who wasn’t related to me and therefore had a legal obligation to tell me what I had written was good. This Readaround had eight attendees and was hosted by Maggie Bolton. Her home was picturesque, almost like a scene from a novel although depending on the writer it could be either a fantasy story or a horror! There was a lot of laughter and a lot of competition discussion before we even got started on the reading.

Carrie (that is I) opened the reading with a shortened piece of a chapter that had been written weeks previously and not looked at since. This launched us into a discussion about stories having ‘a beginning, a muddle and an end’. Starting at the beginning and just keep ploughing forward and then at least you have a story was the best advice I have been given. This month at least.

Suzy delighted me again with that genius way she has of writing and sending shivers travelling up and down my spine. This time, although still magical, her writing was of a more historical nature, but still gripping stuff.

Pearl treated us to a brush with the law, writing truthfully from her experiences within the British justice system. We had a great laugh at the expense of some poor exhibitionist who turned out to be not quite what I had originally imagined…

Martin’s contribution came from his current crime work in progress, featuring the Mauchline based serial killer. It’s a whole new experience for me hearing a story from this perspective, getting updates and helping with the build up. We had a little bit of lighting trouble in this chapter, but we managed to sort that right out.

Last week’s host John read us a further half chapter addition to his novel based around the trials and tribulations of living with Huntingtons. Based before there was a guaranteed testing method in place, it’s set to be an emotional rollercoaster for the reader.

Janice read us a flash fiction piece. Perhaps viewed as slightly out of season with a Christmas theme with the excited exception of us die hard Christmas fans, its always good to hear different themes and perspectives from different writers. I feel these varied views give much more depth to my own writing.

James read to us a short story excerpt that, if I remember correctly, came from a drawing he did or found. The story told the tale of a little girl who became a dancer, and the setting sounded to be so beautiful, it was very well written like all of James’ pieces.

Maggie’s writing came from a piece she had written for an anthology LiterEight are working on based around the last 90 years of the Queen’s life. It was a short piece describing her early life, and it was enjoyable for me to hear as someone who never experienced… the unmentioned years Maggie would have been a child!

Our next meet is arranged for July 20th and is being held in Drongan at the home of Richard Burnett.

Hope to see you all there.

Carrie-Jennifer Cairns

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