Laughter at the Let’s Write Night – 4 October 2017

Well, my first blog for the Ayr Writers’ Club and as a new member I must admit I am finding this a wee bitty daunting. Not that I am a stranger to writing material that others are going to read; however these are mainly in the form of reports and assessments, nothing quite as exciting as a blog where I can express my own own thoughts and feelings on the subject matter.

Speaking of which, the subject for Wednesday evening was comedy, or rather, what makes comedy. Chris Palmer led the evening by providing scripts from well known comedians and asking the groups to analyse them and decide if they were funny and if so, what made them so.

So it was that Homer Simpson, Groucho Marx and Lenny Henry had us all entertained with their own very unique styles and one-line quips. Some of the lines did make me laugh, for example Homer Simpson; I think it is impossible not to find his stupidity and crassness funny because there is such an innocence to him. You know that Homer has a good heart underneath that makes him so endearing to so many. Groucho: I think most of the groups agreed that his one-liners and self-effacing style can span the space/time continuum and be equally relevant in some of the more modern day sitcoms. And let’s not forget that old favorite of so many Lenny Henry, who can take the most mundane everyday situation, add in some cultural difference and apply that to the landing of a plane and hey presto, it’s funny.

So the next time any of us are flying to Jamaica, beware!!

The second part of the evening was dedicated to finding out a bit about someone in your group and coming up with a back story around that. To be honest I was a bit confused at first about what we were doing, as I believe were few others, but I soon got the gist if it. What I found intriguing was how some members had made up some fantastic stories based on basic information they had gleaned from their partners. I was very impressed with the imagination and enthusiasm of everyone and left that night filled with creativity and a need to put pen to paper

All in all it was a very interesting and insightful evening. Certainly for the purpose of writing comedy I think everyone can agree it’s a bit like the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Well comedy is in the mind of the reader, it’s all about your own interpretation. And as a wise women (Pearl) once said, ‘ don’t over analyse it, it’s either funny or its not’.

Caroline Dempsey

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  1. Carolyn O'Hara

    Nice one, Caroline!

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