Michael Malone – 19th Sept. 2012

What an excellent and inspirational night we had last Wednesday. We enjoyed the return of one of oor ain, Michael Malone, now a fully fledged novelist to add to his many achievements as a poet. He’s an inspiration before he even opens his mouth!
But he was at AWC to talk about motivation, so talk he did, and what a wonderful talk, full of pithy observation and direction, littered with examples from inspirational speakers from the world of motivation. But more than that, he asked questions, and I for one went home with my head buzzing with my own answers and with resolve to do something about myself!
What am I afraid to try because I don’t think I can do it?
What caused me to believe this?
What effect has a negative belief I accepted at school, work or home had on me?
Do I have goals, and have I actually written them down? (Errrr, kind of, and, um, no!)
If you definitely commit yourself to something, Providence joins the party and makes things happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Michael himself is a shining example of this, with his novel Blood Tears now leaving the shelves and his next due out next year. This all happened because Michael decided.
So, begin now!
Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. And once you’ve taken that initial step, persistence is the most important thing. Don’t let rejection get to you. The criticism is not of you! Get your ego out of the way and listen. And remember, a no is just one more no nearer to yes.
The world is full of talented failures. Don’t be one of them. In the words of Nike (the American PLC, not the Greek god of victory), Just Do It!
Alison Craig
Michael’s latest book, ‘Carnegie’s Call: Developing the Success Habit’ will be available in October. Meanwhile, check out his blog at May Contain Nuts

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