No animals harmed in the launch of “Dog Fight” – 6 April 2017

AWC club member Susan McVey reports on the launch at Waterstones in Ayr of Michael J Malone’s latest in an ever-increasing list of publications.


Creating nail biting novels that keep you on the edge of your seat, seems to come naturally for Michael J Malone, I’m sure those who have read his work will agree.  For those who attended his book launch at Waterstones for his latest masterpiece ‘Dog Fight’, we know we are in for another excellent read. 

Pat Young did a wonderful job, putting Michael through his paces, presenting him with many questions that kept the audience captivated.  It was good to know that with much success, Michael’s feet are still firmly planted on the ground, even with the amount of Googles coming from searching the name Michael J Malone.  We also found out that Michael is neither a lover nor a fighter, merely a cave dweller who hides and writes stories.  I’m not sure if we truly found out what happens with Michael’s bowtie when writing sex scenes but I’m sure someone soon will find out and disclose this information.

Michael J Malone relaxes after being put through his paces by interviewer Pat Young – and while customers buy, buy, buy

A constructive discussion arose as to who would play Kenny O’Neil should the book hit the big screen: think the jury is still out on that one so I’ll keep my secret fantasy to myself.  Pat introduced us to a character called Myleen who struck a chord, on her initial read.  I’m sure Myleen is one to watch out for and by the sound of it, will pull at our heart strings. 

Michael read a couple of extracts with the latter one sending chills down spines and an echo of ‘oooohs’ sounded round the room. 

Then came the book signing and buying.  For those still to pick up their copy, here is a hint of what’s in store:

“Bristling with unease . . .  twisting the thriller into a new and troubling shape,”  Evan Dolan, and as if we didn’t know, “Malone is a massive talent,”  Luca Veste.

Chapter One  . . .  here I come.

Susan McVey

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