Pat’s Readaround 27th July, 2014

On 24 July a small group of writers spent a very productive read-around evening at Pat’s house. In the garden Pat plied us with soft drinks and fruit, which both cooled us down and encouraged us to read out our pieces.

The genres were varied; one very humorous article caused gales of laughter, while the short stories and novel extracts were treated with the attention they deserved. Everyone gave highly constructive criticism on each of the pieces read out.

We remained outside until dusk, and I wonder what Pat’s neighbours thought of the bursts of hilarity that broke out from time to time. When we finally went inside, our hostess continued to look after us, providing teas, coffees and biscuits, before reading us one of her short stories, which was inspired by a cruising holiday. We made her read us the whole thing, because it was so good.

This was the first read-around I have managed to attend this year, and the time passed so quickly I was sorry it had to end.

Jennifer West

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