GETTING STARTED – you will need

  •   Body text, Chapter titles
  •   Title page  text & Imprint information, e.g. copyright, All rights reserved, etc.
  • Acknowledgements/Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Links, e.g. you can include links to your website
  • Cover image/design – follow the Kindle instructions on size and quality


  • Create a house style, such as: single or double quotes for speech, your use of capitalisation or italics, preference for ‘ise’ or ‘ize’, standardise spelling , e.g. ‘no one’, or ‘no-one’, ‘judgement’ or ‘judgment’. etc.
  • Read, reread, edit your copy with infinite care and with help of others if you can
  • Format carefully – to put a book on Kindle you need to use a simple format. Use para symbol (looks like a backwards P) to highlight formatting throughout the document
    • Chapter heads (H1) – this allows the Chapter heads to be used in an active Table of Contents, i.e. a     page shown on the Kindle version of the book which has links to the relevant pages
    • Remove header/footer/page numbers
    • Check indents (do not use space bar or tab to indent – makes removal for processing easier)
    • Margins (check using Paragraph tool: Indentation to ensure that both right and left are set at 0 cm)
    • Spacing (do not us ‘enter’ to add space on any page; use Paragraph tool and select required gap using Before or After spacing section)
    • Create Page Break at the end of each chapter/story
    • Choose a simple typeface (font) and type size


  • Remove indents (if you have used Paragraph tool: Special: first line, then all you have to do is highlight the whole document and change ‘first line’ to ‘none’)
  • Single line spacing (Paragraph tool: set Line spacing to Single. This will not affect other spacing between sections)
  • Confirm page breaks are in place
  • Save as a .doc or a .docx
  • Then save as a web filtered html document
  • Download Mobipocket http://www.mobipocket.com/en/downloadsoft/default.asp?language=en


  • Process document thro Mobipocket – the process is very straightforward. Simply import the web filtered document and then click on Cover image (left hand column), upload image and Update.  This works well with Windows 7. (However, if you wish to create an active Table of Contents you need, at present, to use Mobipocket in Microsoft Windows XP.)
  •  Cover artwork – you need to upload separately
  • Amazon – Click on Independently Publish with Us (at foot of home page) – open an account with Kindle Direct Publishing, then add your new title and fill out the form
  • You will need to have your description and 7 keywords thought out
  • Bank account details including IBAN & IBIS numbers
  •   Ensure you have worldwide rights to the piece
  • Book price – decide having read info on royalties
  • Uploading to Amazon takes approx. 12 hours


  • Friends/family – reviews on Amazon
  • Logo
  • Leaflets & Posters
  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Facebook/Twitter
  •  Website


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