Read Around – 17th October, 2012

Have we got news for you?
Yes, we had the results of the book review competition. Marion gave us her valuable tips on how to write book reviews. I certainly learnt that you never give away the ending of a book. It was also mentioned that you are not supposed to explain how you come to read the book. It does not matter who gave you the book or if you wanted to read it in the first place or not. It is irrelevant. While Marion stood there I felt lucky to have her in our club. So experienced and dedicated to the club. We have so much to learn from her.
We moved on to reading each others’ work in progress. We have great Expectations. It was A Day to Wear Red to make good First Impressions for the new members. At times, some of the comments made me feel as if we were about to be sent to The Planet Xterm to be dumped. Over all, it was just like Reflections of Parenting, tough love. In our club, it’s called constructive feedback.
There were many different pieces: flash fiction, articles, book synopsis, short stories, opening of novels to name a few. Sheila made sure everyone who brought a piece for the evening had a chance to have some feedback.
We ended the evening with Pearl’s flash fiction read out aloud. The good news was … we were all motivated and inspired!
Uuganaa Ramsay

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