Readaround Wednesday 26th August 2015

‘Hope nobody gets lost. And, yes, there are bears in them woods but they be friendly’. TD

With this message swimming around my mind I set forth into the heart of the Carrick Hills. After following Tim’s excellent directions which included a google earth map and meeting a convoy of like minded travellers we safely arrived at Tims. Even though it was raining the view seeping across the green countryside was stunning. Well worth the risk of bumping into a bear. In fact there are no bears in the woods ( I think, gulp! I hope) just a reference to Tim’s hilarious story that he read at Carolyn’s readaround in July. The bear refrain did not end there as we were soon entertained by Chris’s charming tale about ‘Fuzzy The Jelly Bear’. This story had emerged from a writing workshop which just goes to show how the AWC is able to enable writers. Speaking of which the new season kicks off on Wednesday 9th September at the new venue of the Mercure Hotel in Ayr.

The theme of jelly continued with Tim’s engaging flash fiction that deserves an entry in the SAW competition. Along with Chris’s scrumptious chocolate cake and the feast provided by Tim at break time we settled down to an evening that had shades of light and dark readings.

The darkness took the form of a reading from Gail’s 1st chapter from her Holocaust novel : Code 998. Nigel took up the baton and read from his novel ‘2 plus 2’ about a jaded police officer from Manchester. The spotlight turned to Martin who read from chapter 4 of his ‘sadistically masochistic’ (his words) novel entitled ‘Did you know … ‘ with the crime investigation continuing. This industrious novel writing augers well for excellent entries to the novel competitions and a testament to the AWC’s ability to motivate writers. The darkness continued with Karen reading an experimental piece which she described as a non-genre fiction. It was a surreal story that held a Kafkaesque ambiguous metaphor.

The mood lifted with Jennifer’s intriguing short story about ‘A Walk in the Park’ and James’s enchanting short story entitled ‘The Provenance of Lot 762A’.

Happy with our evening’s activity and after thanking Tim for his kind and generous hospitality we set off back to the main road but taking special care to avoid the woods.


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