Rhona’s Readaround 2nd July, 2014

”One Xmas my son signed his Christmas cards ‘From Christ’.”

After we got the email confirming the expedition was on, the precision planning for this intrepid excursion swung into action. Had anyone visited this dark territory before? After much rumination the conclusion was ‘not in this millennium anyway’ so nothing had to be left to chance. We didn’t want to get lost and be one of those poor souls you read about that have set out with flip flops and a Google map on their mobile phone only for an air rescue helicopter to winch them to safety.

The preparation paid dividends and after only one mishap (my fault) we settled into comfy surroundings having built up a literal and literary appetite, both of which were sated by the splendid fare on display. There was a pinch of Dorothy’s intriguing physiological thriller, Nigel served up an entertaining portion of middle class snobbery, Yvonne followed with a dollop of an engaging children’s story about a young daring Christmas tree. It was not that farfetched, as we heard how Chris had once allowed some to believe that they has received word from on high when he had signed his Xmas cards from Christ.

On our break, we feasted on scrumptious cuisine leaving only empty plates. Attention then focused on James as he turned up the heat with his tale from the past that set us all on fire. Ann rounded off the evening with an informative piece based on her father’s travel log recounting her parent’s post war enterprising tandem trip.

Once safety home and ensconced comfortably in bed after this audacious adventure and an evening of spice and colour, I pinged off emails to Rhona and Yvonne to thank them for their generous hospitality. I flicked to the back of my diary and struck off GIRVAN from my bucket list and went to sleep dreaming of rocky relationships, awkward parties, wandering Christmas trees and reincarnated Cathars cycling their way around Britain, (thanks to D for this line).


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  1. Carolyn O'Hara

    Perfect picture conjured up there PW!

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