Scripting a Smile: sketch writing workshop with Helena Sheridan – 23 November

Tis the season to be jolly. Oh yes it is. Come on, wake up, it’s late November and we only have four weeks to wear our Christmas jumper that we bought for a fiver in the Primark sale last January. Let’s be jolly. 

 A fit of laughter or even a smile costs nothing at all so that is what we did on Wednesday night at the writers club: we laughed. Helena Sheridan, our script writing expert, presented a very informative workshop giving us advice on writing comedy sketches. Each piece has to have a beginning, middle and end with the first line awakening the laughter lines of the audience. 


Hard at work as the ideas flow

 We split into groups and were given a variety of situations to choose from with twenty minutes to complete the task.  During that time comments were spinning round the room: I don’t do comedy;  I can’t work under pressure; I’ve got writers block. But amazingly when Helena blew the whistle for time up everyone and their dug sported grins from lug to lug. 


Two minds are better than one …

 Donald Trump got a mention in at least three scripts. One group took us on a hot air balloon trip over Turnberry, and guess who we bumped into? The words golf and gulf got confused as did new display and nudist play, both with very amusing consequences. Another sketch found a tour guide lost at Whitletts roundabout and inadvertently informing American tourists that a block of flats was Burns Cottage, The best laid schemes o’ mice an men gang aft aglae.  A rampant rabbit featured in a hilarious piece written by a member who shall remain anonymous for reasons I won’t disclose. It is amazing how much laughter you can squeeze into a five-minute sketch.


… or maybe even three.

 Jan Walker

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