Sharing SAW Successes – 22 March 2017

Another year, another success story for the Ayr Writers Club at SAW. This year, twenty one AWC entries across a wide range of genres received prizes from 1st Place to Commended. For those who were unable to attend, this evening was a chance to hear some of the pieces performed and read aloud.

AWC’s first prize trophy winners

First up was Linda Brown’s general article “A short woman’s vision” about the history of the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh and the marketing skills of Maria Theresa Short in 1835. Regardless of whether the woman was an imposter or not, you could not help admiring her perseverance and drive: lessons that can be well used in writing.

Then we were treated to Helena Sheridan’s drama, about a thief and his long-suffering girlfriend breaking into someone’s home in Skye. I was expecting the owners of the house to arrive home, but instead it was the American cousin of the home-owner! Funny.

Nigel Ward’s book review on “Prisoners of Geography” reminded us that while politics constantly change direction and leaders, geography defines the nations and therefore politics. For those of you who haven’t read Tim Marshall’s book, I strongly recommend you do.

We were treated to a poem by Catherine Lang about the aftermath of 7/7 and were reminded how suddenly life can change and the pain of the “I should have” moments.


Linda Brown and Carolyn O’Hara

Beginning the 2nd Place winners, we listened to the first ten minutes of the first chapter of John Eden’s novel about the onset of a severe illness within a family and the pain that it can bring.

Carolyn O’Hara’s ancestor sprang to life in her general article “Captain, my Captain” as we heard of his heroic feats on the sea throughout his life, even to the extent of defying orders to save lives.

It is said that delivery of plays is the most important part of the process, and the most entertaining piece of the evening showed the importance of looking at the script before taking the stage. “The Wee Glesca Wedding” by Sheila Grant was about a family getting ready for a wedding, and it all goes wrong. While it added comedy to the play, it’s not often that you see the director banging their head against the table in frustration.


A group of jobbing actors – and a frustrated Director

Rounding up the evening, we were treated to “Just Desserts”, Linda’ Brown’s Flash Fiction piece, and Greta Yorke’s 5-minute comedy sketch about the receptionist at a hearing aid clinic who was not so good at her job.

The night was definitely a success story and congratulations to all our AWC prize winners!

Abigail Rutherford

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  1. Catherine Glass

    The writers from ARC should justly feel proud of all the article and books they produced and the wins and commendations they received at SAW.
    Abigail excellent reading.

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