Speed workshops and enthusiasm on the Welcome Night – 14 September

Presidents Fiona Atchison and Janice Johnston chaired ‘Welcome Night’ on the second week of the Club’s new season. Fiona began the evening by highlighting forthcoming events and guest speakers from what promises to be an entertaining syllabus. Following the visit by crime writer Louise Welsh, the second guest speaker to the Club will be poet John Hudson on 5th October. Competition Secretary Maggie Bolton then took the stand to explain the procedure for entering the competitions. Members must use a pseudonym and are allowed one entry per competition. The £3 entry fee entitles the entrant to receive a critique on their work from a professional adjudicator and a chance to win a prize. Those planning to enter every competition can pay a reduced fee of £20 at the beginning of the season. Maggie urged members to enter the competitions outlined in the syllabus. The Welcome Booklet given to members explains the difference between Professional and Novice writers with regard to competition entries.  

 Vice President Alison Craig then gave very helpful advice for entering the first competition: the Book Review. The deadline for this competition is 21st September. 

Alison emphasised the importance of reading your chosen novel twice, and making notes as you read about plot, the strength and weaknesses (if any) of the story, the style of language used, pace, characters (who was the best character), dialogue (was it entertaining) did the book receive any previous recommendations or awards? No pseudonym is required for this competition.

 After the tea break it was time for the “Taster Night”. Workshop leaders each manned a table of their particular genre and members were invited to visit the table representing their writing interest. After ten minutes Fiona blew a whistle and the members then moved onto their next table and genre choice. Picture speed dating but the only love here was the love of words! Welcome Night certainly proved to be informative and inspiring for all who attended.

 Helena Sheridan

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