Summer Meeting – 21st August, 2013

When I volunteered to write the blog for the Last Night of the AWC Summer Tour, I thought it would be easy. Rattled off in 15 minutes, I thought. And then I reread the last few fabulous blog entries for inspiration, noted the recent foodie theme and my brain fogged over. What would be my theme?  Four days later…..


“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”- Mrs Gump. Wednesday night at Janice’s was dark and mysterious Black Magic with a handful of sparkling Celebrations and a few delicious After Eights all mixed together.

Black Magic– From an ominous “Ripper” of a short story, to a novel extract graphically describing the loss of a limb, to a book review on the real horrors of The Great War then to one on fictional foul deeds in Victorian London; a sombre mood was set. Throw in a poem about silent aggression and one on a bitch of a stepsister and we had definitely gone over to the dark side…

Celebrations – Lifting our mood and putting a smile on our faces; a chapter from a children’s book introduced a chirpy young lad who’s ‘getting it wrong’. We also enjoyed a fracking good poem.

After Eights – For adults only. We heard the tale of the seedy serial sperm donor and a piece on the tragic rejection of a longed for baby (pass the tissues please). And lastly Gail’s cheeky sketch about a futuristic, computerised hospital scanner ‘checking out’ a queue of patients …what can I say other than brilliant…I was still chuckling the next day. Well done too, to our brave actors who gave it their all.

Good craic, warm hospitality, fantastic contributions and as always, welcome and much appreciated feedback were all on offer.

Many thanks again, not only to Janice, but to all our other generous hosts who opened their doors and scrambled about for chairs to accommodate us over the summer.

It’s been All Gold.

Linda Brown

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