Uuganaa Ramsay’s Journey to Publication

There’s nothing like learning from people who have been there and done it and at AWC we are fortunate to listen to whole string of authors telling us their story of success. And rarely is it more special than when the writer giving the talk is one of “oor ain”.
Uuganaa Ramsay joined Ayr Writers Club just a few short years ago and in a moment of reflection notes how that those early visits to the club were an island of comfort and support during a difficult time in her life. Those Wednesday nights were a welcome dose of “me time” for Uuganaa as she struggled to come to terms with the passing of her infant son, Billy.
She recalled that she joined the club while she was writing an early draft of what came to be her award-winning memoir, Mongol. And that the other members, the speakers and the networking opportunities that arose from her attendance were crucial in her journey to publication.
Those of you who have read her book will already be aware of her honesty and humility and this was evident during her talk as she discussed those difficult times and then went on to talk about the continuation of her work as she challenges prejudice against those with Down Syndrome and as a proud woman of Mongolia, campaigns to change attitudes towards the pejorative use of the word “mongol”. This has led to her being interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland, Radio 4, BBC World Service and being awarded the Scottish Asian Women’s Award For Achievement Against All Odds presented by Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First Minister of Scotland. An award that recognises the achievements of a Scottish Asian woman in the face of adversity and challenging circumstances.
Uuganaa is a role-model to us all, an example of how, with focus and determination one can achieve one’s writing goals. And more. She demonstrated that writing the book and getting it published is only half of the battle. You have to get out there and find your audience. After all, as the lady herself said. “Nobody is going to come and find you.”

Michael J. Malone


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