Warning: here be dragons – Write Up North

Write Up North, this year hosted by Angus Writers as well as the Scottish Association of Writers took place in Arbroath on the 25th June and certainly gave a new meaning to the local ‘smokies’. The baronial style of Rosely House Hotel, set among ornamental trees and bushes, was a fitting choice for the event.

The meeting was well attended, and we were snuggled in close as the sessions got underway. First, Sally Ireland asked us to write a new take on the story of Finella, the C10th warrior queen who murdered King Kenneth II. After coffee, Lyndsay McGregor gave a workshop on myth in poetry, examining pieces by Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath while composing our own masterpieces (to be featured in the Writers Umbrella).

The hotel provided a light lunch of soup and sandwiches and after the last shard of ice was broken between the delegates, we were ready for the afternoon’s entertainment session from our story-teller, who despite sporting a fine head of hair, had a more than passing resemblance to SAW President Marc Sherland. The session started with a quiz. Marc ensured us this wasn’t to highlight our woeful knowledge of Celtic myths, but to demonstrate, among other things, how stories move from their original locations and change to fit the new environment.

No SAW event would be complete without a raffle, and thanks to Jen Butler and others for organising this.

The dragons stayed away (perhaps they are all in France supporting Wales at the Euros), but we did have moot hills, holy wells, sacred stones, and an unholy trinity of crows.

The day was enjoyed by all and I look forward to next year’s event and would recommend it to anyone able to attend.

Barbara Stevenson

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  1. Maggie Bolton

    It sounds like a fun event Babs

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