Writing Prompt – The Angel’s Share

It’s funny how writing prompts I wrote years ago are becoming topical again. This one was originally inspired by an article then a follow up letter in The Herald.
This week it is relevant because of the Ken Loach film which has won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival
Let’s see if it can inspire you all over again!
‘The angel’s share’ is the name given to the whisky that evaporates from a cask as the whisky matures. It made the papers this as Diageo planned to wrap the maturing casks in clingfilm to prevent this loss.
However, a letter in the Herald said –
‘That lost angel’s share allows a particular atmosphere to develop in the warehouse and facilitates a molecular exchange between the air and the spirit, Without this subtle and magical interaction it is doubtful if the whisky would be able to attain its true flavoursome potential.’
That got me thinking – are there any other ‘angel’s shares’? Is there anything else that loses something along the way but without that loss, the finished result just wouldn’t be the same?
It might be a relationship that matures as the result of a loss, or a tradition that is carried on with no real reason today but that originally had a purpose.
Get your thinking caps on and come up with your very own ‘angel’s share’.

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