A Slick Production – 23 October 2019

False identities, deceit, bribes, grave digging, and a tail-less horse. Ayr Writers’ club night was full of unusual items and bizarre events. One bag. Five items. Endless possibilities.

Police reports of a mysterious event in the grounds of Alloway Auld Kirk lead to mysterious and bizarre tales full of intrigue and curious characters. With far more laughs than you would expect from a room of people writing spooky mysteries around a person’s disappearance from a graveyard, a spot of grave digging with a tea caddy spoon might just sound like an ordinary Wednesday night.

When all you find is a black clutch bag containing a vampire book, a fridge magnet, torch, nail varnish and a skull ‘n’ crossbones pendant, you would certainly be curious as to the person that left it behind in a graveyard when they disappeared. “Dracula: Wanted dead or alive”, Or at least a man going by that name you met on the internet, invites you to meet him at night in a graveyard. Of course, you go. What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe it was a patchwork bag left behind. Was there a single flickering candle and a shadowy figure, family history investigations and a murder mystery? A single bag with a whole lot of story to tell. In a struggle with a mysterious shadowy figure a woman falls and hits her head. Dead. Where else do you put the person you just killed in a graveyard than into an empty sarcophagus.

Anything might have happened.

An emotionally gripping and saddening tale of years of abuse in a remote moorland community turned the entire room silent as we were all enthralled by the mystery of a missing girl. Leaving only a few items, in a brown knitting bag, she hopes to lead police to the truth of her ordeal.

If we needed a break from the tension, murder and drama, then a title like Bran the boozy, Bodhrán busking man from Brighton, with a book will surely alliterate its way to a grin. When a man and a woman arrange to meet in a graveyard, at night, by the grave of Burns’ parents, to investigate her connection via an illegitimate child of Burns himself, a horse gets in the way. A ghostly, enchanted horse from the spirit world lures them to ride upon it and they disappear into the darkness over the old bridge.

Perhaps A French connection links a missing person’s bag to the Auld Kirk in search of the graves of her father’s family. Plus, a midnight vigil that isn’t complete without a bag of chips. And you better watch out, for that desk blotter tool is a dangerous weapon that nobody expected.

“The gate keeper” tells of an epic love between a soldier and a nurse, and gave us our final story of the evening. Bartering with the Horseman of Death is a dangerous game, yet his love for his departed wife drives the soldier to make the journey to the other side to get her back. Leaving a line of string linking him back to the land of the living to make his escape, love prevails when he chooses to cut the string to stay with his beloved wife rather than return alone.

When all you find left behind is a bag with five unusual items inside, who knows where your investigation will lead you?



  1. Great blog Joanna. Thank you.

  2. Joanne Bailey

    Great description of another great night, thanks Joanna.

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