Brexit and Tourism: Process, Impacts and Non-Policy – A Non-Fiction Book by Derek R. Hall

As a prolific Author, Joint-Author and Editor-Author of 13 nonfiction books, Derek’s latest work, Brexit and Tourism: Process, Impacts and Non-Policy, is scheduled for release by Channel View Publications in January 2020.


Tourism is associated with breaking down barriers. Brexit has the effect of raising barriers. Bring the two together and there is an inevitable clash. This book does a great job in exploring the background and nature of this clash for tourism in the UK and beyond.

David Airey, Emeritus Professor, University of Surrey, UK


The safe option would have been to write this book once political events had settled. Hall’s decision to offer an assessment now is very welcome. His analysis of this highly topical issue is thoughtful, at times controversial, and very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

– Rhodri Thomas, Leeds Beckett University


This book will make a valuable contribution to the current discussion on the impact of Brexit on the British tourism industry. Its theoretical and factual background provides an appropriate rationale for the timely publication of this book as it gives the reader a thorough understanding of this contentious issue.

Noëlle O’Connor, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland


Derek’s back-catalogue of non-fiction books is available through his Amazon Author Page – Derek R. Hall – at


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