Christopher Brookmyre – 25th September, 2013

Christopher Brookmyre (Should he carry a warning?)

The ‘Guardian’ quotes Christopher Brookmyre as ‘one of the funniest writers in Britain’. Listening to him earlier this week, I was also happy to learn he is ‘one of the funniest speakers in Britain!’  He performs with the timing and punch lines of a stand up comic.

His writing style is not to everyone’s taste as Brookmyre readily acknowledges, describing it as   ‘…satirical crime fiction, irreverent and quite sweary’. Take note – the Glasgow colloquialisms require a glossary for anyone further south than Dumfries. You really need to know what a ‘big keech’ is for instance as it appears in the first chapter of his first book ‘Quite Ugly One Morning’, a book which still makes me laugh out loud after 3 readings. However, he has developed somewhat in tone and gravitas, citing his Jasmine Sharp trilogy as one he is proud of. I enjoyed listening to how he has evolved as a crime writer and will take on board his writing tips.

It’s clear that Brookmyre doesn’t take himself too seriously and shared a few hilarious 1 star reviews from his foray into the digital American market,

•    ‘I did not expect the language to be as coarse. I stopped reading the book and removed it from my device!’
•   ‘ I haven’t put a book down in 20 years – I did this one!’

Brookmyre’s work is translated into several languages, including Hungarian. For some unfathomable reason, his title ‘One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night’ translated into just 2 words – ‘Paradise F-ck-d’.  I can’t imagine a better title for one of his books! Thank you Christopher Brookmyre for a sweary but rip-roaringly, fun- packed evening – ‘Gaun hersel big man!’

Fiz Atchison

P.S. He’s currently writing book 18 – about a Scottish band on tour. It has new characters apart from one. Sworn to secrecy, Brookmyre divulged, ‘It’s the character I think you’re all hoping it is.’ You heard it at AWC first, folks!!
                                                       Christopher Brookmyre

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  1. Thanks a lot for this article….I got addicted just two weeks ago and now “consuming” all titles,I can get my hands on!Even them Scottish swear-words are a precious enrichment to my humble English-skills.
    But I really would like,to recommend Brookmyres genial books to friends;do you happen to know,if there are translations for readers in Nederlands?Found some German ones (not enough!),but can’t find any in Nederlands.
    Thanks in advance for helping (?)And: what do you know about title/time of edition of this mysteriously new book???Thanks again

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