Competition Guide 2020-21, Writing Magazine

As Ayr Writers’ Club limbers up for the beginning of the new writing year, the start of the 2020/21 Programme, Writing Magazine is releasing a bumper edition of over 800 competitions as a free-giveaway in its October edition.

And, it just so happens, that AWC is entering its very own competition season – 10 multi-genred pockets of challenge – AWC 2020/21 Competitions – it’d be a shame for all that creativity to go down just the one plughole, wouldn’t it? There’s bound to be one or two competitions from the, only, 800 on offer, that your piece can be entered for. And then there’s the SAW competitions coming up soon…



Writing Magazine have made it so easy for us to get a copy of this – it’s available to buy online, home-delivered, as a pre-order HERE – so you don’t even have to lose half an hour in WH Smith’s (handy hint – if you spot anything knitting or sewing related, the writing mags are usually somewhere in there, dig deep).


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