Enthusiastic endorsement: Feedback Evening – 29 January 2020

When Carrie asked me whether I would like to write this week’s blog, in that gentle way she has, I immediately blurted out:
“Yes of course, why not.”
There, it was done. Now I had plenty of time to worry and as we all know you can never do enough worrying! Besides, this was my first read-around making me uniquely qualified – not! Then I got to thinking, maybe my newbie status could provide an interesting vantage point and perhaps a fresh perspective. So here I am writing about my first read-around.
I was impressed from the get-go. The read-around followed a clear structure and format that flowed easily. We worked in small groups of four or five. Everyone was supportive and there was enough time to review, discuss and then to construct a cogent and reasoned critique for each submission. Then we returned to the plenary group with our feedback. We discussed what had worked well and on how each piece may be further improved; dollops of encouragement and enthusiasm were liberally applied.
We have a natural curiosity to share our poems, short stories and novels. However, there is no getting away from it, when we do so we find we have to confront our strengths and vulnerabilities upfront and in person. This forum is an excellent way to do so!
Writing can be a lonely business. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the exercise was being able to listen to our peers expressing their thoughts, insights and a little bit of their soul. After all, we each want to discover our voice so that we can truly tell our story.

Ajay Joglekar


  1. Joanne Bailey

    Excellant blog Ajay 🙂

  2. Alan Haughey

    Nice one, Ajay.

  3. Iain Richards

    Well done Ajay, great blog.

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