February Feedback Evening

Once again our feedback night showcased a diverse collection of works from AWC members who were brave enough to present their short stories, poems, scripts and novel extracts for critique by fellow writers. After a welcome introduction by Nigel we split into groups of four, and were given several pieces of work to read. Silence descended as we bent to the task, followed by murmurings and noise of furious writing as we noted comments of praise, likes and advice. As always the items of work covered a wide range of topics and styles, the comments below give a little flavour of the items enjoyed at the read-round.
In a story that highlights the generation gap, we learn the lesson of how technology can lead to ‘the wrong message’ being sent, at an inappropriate time. Tears turn to smiles as the mistake is revealed.
Through the eyes of a child we observe how a multi generational family deals with serious illness, which has an unstated outcome. The love and closeness through memories and shared acceptance shines through in this story.
They say pride comes before a fall, and this extract from a short story certainly ‘nailed it’. A dash of ego, a helping of envy, and a sprinkling of anger all contribute to a spectacular crescendo that crowns this musically inspired tale.
The goings-on of the wilder-side of life sets the tone of the next piece, from courting displays to house hunting, chick rearing to wage earning all is seen through the eyes of the writer whose tongue is firmly in cheek.
The rich ‘threads of life’ are woven into the next story; here we are made aware that as each generation moves from one phase of their life to the next they gather memories, possessions and experience. Old, young and those yet unborn weave together this unscripted unique bond.
A flight of fantasy next leads the reader to a secret world, where we find ‘the fairies of tanglewood’ and encounter a troll with a sweet tooth…alas I can reveal no more.
Road rage is a daily occurrence that can cause untold misery across the country, but in the skilful imagination of an AWC writer it can blossom into a engaging poem…Beep Beep.
Next we are taken on an Irish ‘relic’ romp. Is it a mystery bursting with red herrings or a scandal that unmasks a thief? Who knows? For once again my lips are sealed, but watch this space as in due course all will be revealed…!
Well done to all who put forward their work, and best of luck with its progress.
Kathy Wallace

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