Feedback Evening 30th September 2015

Beyond the fog lies clarity ~ Anon

Travelling from the Irvine Valley to Ayr through patchy mist and then thick fog to attend Feedback Evening was an eerie experience. Our writers’ imaginations worked overtime and Kathy and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the Hound of the Baskerville bound across the M77 or the Flying Dutchman in full sail glide past the Dutch House roundabout.
Reaching the safe haven of the Mercure we fully expected the fog to have evaporated by the time we left for home *rolls eyes at our naïve optimism*.

Of course once our meeting began clarity prevailed. Those of us who had brought along work handed in our 4 copies then Nigel allocated each of us to our group. Soon five huddles were hard at work; reading and critiquing our fellow writers’ pieces. The emphasis as always was on constructive criticism – we focus on what we enjoyed about the pieces, highlight what impressed us and give tips and ideas on what we consider could improve them.
Tonight’s offerings were as diverse as ever. We were treated to the beginnings of a Le Carré style espionage short story and a true crime article. There was an extract from a historical novel updating the adventures of Oliver Twist and the bare bones of a short story idea with a hint of Edgar Allan Poe. We heard about the first chapter of interesting crime/ twist in the tale novel and a children’s story involving a charming dragon called Cedric.
Three of our new members, Robert, John and Helen shared their poetry with us. All three poems successfully conveyed personal and powerful emotions. Helen’s was a pantoum. Hand up ….I’d never heard of a pantoum. You learn something new at every AWC meeting. And thanks to Mr Google and his pal Wikipedia I now know even more about this type of poem.
After coffee and cake it was Feedback time. Suggestions given ranged from ‘show don’t tell’ to polish the punctuation to edit then edit again. Invaluable points were made regarding dialogue, characters and plots.
Many thanks to all contributors for an enjoyable evening and apologies if I neglected to give your work a mention – I was so engrossed, I’d forgotten I’d volunteered to write the blog therefore took no notes.

And as for our journey back to deepest Newmilns and Darvel ? Does anyone remember that old John Carpenter scary movie? The one with an awful lot of.…Fog.

Linda Brown

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  1. RCS Anderson

    Brilliant blog, Linda. It made me smile.
    For anyone who wasn’t at this Readaround, Linda has really captured that friendly, helpful atmosphere in her blog. RA

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