Feedback night – March 25th 2015

Poems, short stories, an article, a novel’s epilogue and a cheeky report on the SEEN Conference as experienced by a member of Scare Writers’ Club were this month’s 1000 word anonymous contributions, handed over to be read and critiqued by our fellow members.
Split into four groups, our enthusiastic critiquers pored over each piece, reading it carefully, taking notes and sharing their thoughts before completing the written feedback form. Each contribution receives good constructive feedback. We always comment on what was loved and appreciated about a piece, give useful pointers on how we consider it could be improved and offer other helpful suggestions which may benefit the author.
My group had the pleasure of working on:
A great short story- inspired by the author’s visit to an auction house and destined for success I’m sure (women’s mag?).
An excellent chilling sci-fi short story – possible market
And lastly the aforementioned very clever SEEN report which caused fits of giggles among certain members.
After a refreshing tea or coffee and a sustaining biccy, we regrouped and shared our feedback. As usual they all sound interesting and I want to read them all. At this point the authors can choose to claim their piece or, if they wish, stay anonymous (indeed the witty writer of the SEEN report remains a mystery).
Our evening finished with the reading of a poem – a Burnsian inspired tribute to the late Demis Roussos. Only at Ayr Writers!

Feedback evening is a fantastic learning opportunity. Reading, assessing and discussing our work in groups helps us all gain experience which ultimately helps with our own writing.
So with that in mind, get your masterpiece polished up for the next one next term.
Keep writing folks!
Linda Brown
Linda Bown

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