Heard in Hurlford – 3 August Readaround Report

Janice B.kindly hosted the latest readaround in Hurlford and as always it was a most entertaining evening with a wide variety of offerings.

Maggie kicked off the evening with 2 hilarious limericks, one about Eva the goldfish and the other about ‘A Man from Milan’.

I then read a poem I was working on whilst on holiday. It’s about my observations on linden blossom which captivates me every year.

Next Richard read a poem, ‘The Kiss’ which Irene had written. It contained effective repetition and sound rhythm, ‘the kiss of the devil condemned her’ was chillingly observed. Richard then read his story, ’Toby Gets Stuck’. As the title suggests Toby gets into difficulty and different vessels react to the situation. Good characterisation here and satisfying outcome. It was suggested that perhaps Toby’s voice might be enhanced by being Cockney or Liverpudlian. Richard clearly has many ideas ‘simmering’.

Linda read a story which she is working on, changing from a longer piece to short story. It tells of life in a Scottish mill community in 1920. The characters are beautifully described and the story line is captivating and intriguing, a kind of ‘be careful what you wish for’ theme. Let’s hope Linda gets the word count down or finishes the longer piece!

Babs read her flash fiction, ‘Sweetie Pie’, which cleverly kept us guessing right to the wire.

Carrie had nothing to read but asked for advice on keeping tabs on characters. She is writing a story which involves a character with Alzheimer’s and flash backs. Carrie was given lots of advice including having a timeline and post-it notes. I’m looking forward to this completed story.

John gave an update on his story which Michael is reading at present, watch this space!

Carol read her short story, ’Say it with Flowers’. This is an engaging tale of serial killing, a meticulous calculator and a bereft middle-aged loner. This is a working project which will be well worth the read. Keep going Carol!

Then we were entertained with Gail’s film piece. This involved 3 characters, John/ Chris, Wendy/ James and Margaret/ Richard! Yes, just imagine this!

With the ‘ladies’ suitably ‘wigged’ we heard a story of 3 people who, now in middle age, had known each other since school days. Can’t say much more about this as it is a work in progress and content should not be divulged, yet. Enough to say it was well acted and hilarious and Gail’s got a few suggested ideas to follow up.

Martin informed us that his story, ‘The One-sided Story’ is now available on Amazon.

He read a synopsis/blurb which I’m sure will entice buyers, Good Luck Martin!

James read his short story, ‘Bad Grammar’ which is another in his ‘Cunningham’ series and tells how a grammatical error can be quite dangerous! A lesson to be learned, respect your teacher!

This is an entertaining tale which gives more insight into Cunningham’s character whilst mingling historical fact with fascinating fiction.

The last story of the evening was Chris’ story ‘Pain’. This is another engaging tale of Sandy, the main character, who has much angst in his life.

It was suggested that perhaps the story might start at a different point, something for Chris to consider.

Janice rounded off the evening with her poem, ‘Shore Up Defences’ which is amusingly told in dialogue between sand and sea.

This really was a most entertaining evening with a fair wealth of talent. Well done all!


Greta Yorke

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  1. Sorry I missed the last few pieces. They sound exciting/fascinating/intriguing/fun in that order. Thank you for your report.

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