Read Around – 6th March 2013

“We have had a variety”   Ann Burnett, Read Around, AWC.
Indeed we had. As many of Ayrshire’s agriculture community tucked into the Carlton’s best gastronomy, having caused chaos in the car park, the Writers Club enjoyed a wholesome literary feast of home produce.  The fare consisted of work across the board covering most of the different subjects and their individual genres embraced by workshops and other meetings over a season.  Examples ranged from informative and interesting articles on appliances and everyday situations, poetry in all sorts of rhythms and muses, extracts from atmospheric novels of the past and present, to short stories for a fairly broad media.  At this point, was it just my imagination or did several ladies show surprise and even a touch of shock/ horror, when it was revealed that a couple of lads had got in touch with their inner woman, to produce feasible tales?   Who says we can’t multi-task? Or cross-task, even.
Handclaps to all who braved the weather, parking and were intrepid enough to bring along writing of, which there was much, proving that quality can be combined with quantity, all to make the evening entertaining and beneficial.  More handclaps to Jennifer for patiently receiving entries and remittance, – of which there were also many – for the Short Story Competition.
Simon Kekewich

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