Readaround 15th July 2015

Ayr Writers’ Club’s fourth summer Readaround maintained its high standard of entertainment and sheer talent. Pat welcomed us once again to her home as Nigel, due to sad family circumstances, was unable to host the evening. We were pleased to welcome Nicola, a new recruit to AWC who will join us officially in September.
The evening began with a further delve into the twisted mind of Martin’s particularly nasty serial killer – the stuff of nightmares (and Martin seems such a nice person!!)
To calm our frayed nerves we moved on to something less stressful – a tongue-in-cheek observation of a read-around (thankfully not ours, but The Scuddlethorpe Scribes, a far less impressive bunch!
We then had a nicely judged insight into the changing relationship of a couple accustomed to long separations. How will this change when he leaves active service and is there all the time?
Nicola gave us the beginning of her screen-play about the influence of Copernicus on two other astronomers who fear that theologians will not approve. (Parts ably read by Michael and Martin.)
Janice unrolled (literally) her plan for her agricultural history. At the last Readaround she shared her concerns about organizing the material and was fairly swamped with ideas and suggestions. The result: an enormous sheet of paper with a time-line and subject areas. This will gradually be papered over with ‘stick-it’ notes of topics and information which can be shuffled around as necessary. An excellent way to plan a book!
Pat, waiting on tenterhooks for her agent to bring news of her first novel When the Dust Settles, is not letting the grass grow under her feet. She read the intriguing beginning of what may be a follow-on novel.
Tim’s impressions of travelling in South America shortly after the Falklands War gave fascinating glimpses of the area. We hope he will take this further.
Chris has been exploring science-fiction writing – a new genre for him and one we think he should pursue.
Gail confessed to being undecided as to whether the main thrust of her play should be whether the problems in a relationship are caused by M.E. or the fact that one or other of the partners (or both) is gay. Long discussions couldn’t resolve this but it was generally felt that they should be explored in two separate plays.
Karen continued her idea of using historical incidents as the basis of a story. This one, seen through the eyes of a young girl, involves Mary Kelly, one of the victims of Jack the Ripper. Karen can always be relied upon for some dark and visceral material!
Michael read an extract from his latest crime thriller (Is the title cast in stone Michael? Better not reveal it just in case.) This explores the mind of a killer who feeds off the grief of the dead man’s brother.
So, there we are. Despite several plunges into the murky world of the criminally insane, we emerged smiling and ‘a good time was had by all!’ The next read-around is scheduled for 29th July chez Carolyn. Details later.

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