Readaround Night 26th November 2014

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” —Ernest Hemingway.
As a writer, is your notebook/documents file full of sizzling wee gems of creative writing; brilliant anecdotes and lots of lines of lyrical prose, but nothing actually complete?
If you need a bit of motivation to finish that first draft, then the Feedback night at Ayr Writers’ Club is your answer.
First though, you really do need to write something! Aim for 1,000 words.
In November, dozens of writers (who, don’t forget, are your first ‘readers’) came along to the Writers’ Club to read and discuss over 30 pieces of writing.
Emotional, intellectual and laugh-ometer responses were shared. Pointers for improvement were indicated. Master strokes were celebrated.
What’s even better at Ayr Writers’ is that members are supportive and happy to share their own experiences of the re-drafting process.
Feedback sessions at Ayr are popular – witness the rush to collect feedback sheets – like a scene from Black Friday!
By the end of the session, it is all good news. You have your finished first draft and can go home with written comments from fellow writers to think about, to ignore or to embrace.


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